R&D Project #2

Application of bioanalysis and AI robot technology for the preservation and promotion of physical health

Photo by OIST

R&D Team

R&D Leader
Keiko KONO(OIST, Assistant Professor)
University of Melbourne (Australia), The Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel), Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Spain), Ulster University (U.K.)
SUNTORY (Japan), Corundum Systems Biology, Inc. (Japan), Motif FoodWorks, Inc. (U.S.A.), Zimmer and Peacock Ltd. (U.K.)

R&D plan and goal

In order to improve our health and maintain “healthy body,” we will promote the development of supplements that prevent aging, human multi-omics research using AI and robot technology, and the development of pathogen detection systems related to food hygiene management.

R&D Project #2 Activities report

Voice of R&D Member

From R&D Leader

Keiko KONO OIST, Assistant Professor

This research and development project includes three themes. The first is “aging.” We will study senescent cells, which cause various aging-related diseases. Our findings on suppressing senescent cells will enable us to develop the methods that prevent aging by restoring the functions of aging organisms. Next is “food,” which is essential for maintaining physical health. We will develop a system that can quickly and accurately detect food poisoning bacteria on the production line to avoid food poisoning. The third is “multi-omics.” Various substances realize the functions of our body. Multi-omics refers to comprehensively investigating all of these substances collectively. We want to fully automate the analysis system of multi-omics and use it to investigate the causes of diseases.

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