R&D Project #1

Development of next-generation monitoring systems for the preservation and promotion of mental health

Photo by Aya Peloquin/OIST

R&D Team

R&D Leader
Kenji DOYA(OIST, Professor)
University of Montreal (Canada)

R&D plan and goal

Our goal is to maintain and improve mental health, etc. We will develop stress-free wearable devices and monitoring systems that monitor the state of the brain and body to improve communication and teamwork from the brain science perspective.

R&D Project #1 Activities report

Voice of R&D Member

From R&D Leader

Kenji DOYA OIST, Professor

In this research and development project, we will develop a comfortable wearable device that can record biological signals such as electroencephalogram (EEG), heart rate, body temperature, etc., in real-time. We will also develop a technology for data analysis that accurately monitors the state of mind. With this system, it will be possible to measure people’s moods and emotions quickly and encourage them to rest when their stress levels rise. In addition, we would like to elucidate what is happening in the mind when so-called “A-UN No Kokyuu (A-UN breathing)” — understanding what to do without exchanging explicit intentions — is realized. An understanding of the mechanisms of this phenomenon may enable us to propose a training method that increases the success rate of set plays in soccer, for example.

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