R&D Project #5

Development of a commercialization platform via a startup accelerator

Photo by OIST

R&D Team

R&D Leader
Gil Granot-Mayer(OIST, Executive Vice President for Technology Development and Innovation)
Hitotsubashi University (Japan), University of Melbourne (Australia)
Lifetime Ventures (Japan), Corundum Systems Biology, Inc. (Japan), SCSK Corp. (Japan), AION Labs (Israel), Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corp. (Japan), Okinawa Prefecture (Japan), Onna Village (Japan)

R&D plan and goal

We aim to develop a platform for creating startups based on bioconvergence research and development, with the collaboration of industry, academia, government, and finance. To achieve this goal, the results obtained in each research and development project will be utilized to promote the commercialization of OIST’s basic research results. Thus, we are committed to advancing the social implementation of our research outcomes.

R&D Project #5 Activities report

Voice of R&D Member

From R&D Leader

Gil Granot-Mayer OIST, Executive Vice President for Techno logy Development and Innovation

In this theme, we will promote social implementation, including utilizing the results created in the other four research and development projects and commercialization from OIST’s basic research seeds. To that end, we will strengthen the functions as an international hub by linking investment by venture capital, such as contacting and recruiting overseas investors and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we aim to build an advanced global human-resource development program through organic collaboration with external partners, starting with Hitotsubashi University Business School (MBA). Such a program will foster and support entrepreneurs who play an active role in the international market.

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