R&D Project #3

Research and development of environmental monitoring for the preservation and promotion of environmental health

Photo by Chris Wilson/OIST

R&D Team

R&D Leader
Timothy Ravasi(OIST, Professor)
Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (Japan), University of Tsukuba (Japan), University of the Ryukyus (Japan), RIKEN (Japan)
NTT Communications Corp. (Japan), NTT DOCOMO Inc. (Japan), Zamami Village Tourism Association (Japan), Hyatt Regency Seragaki Island, Okinawa (Japan), Okinawa Municipal Museum (Japan), Okinawa Prefectural Kyuyo Senior High School (Japan), Onna Village (Japan), Zamami Village (Japan)

R&D plan and goal

We promote research and development related to the conservation and utilization of environmental resources through genomics analysis, monitoring of marine and land environments, and other means to improve the quality of the environment and keep “healthy environment.”

R&D Project #3 Activities report

Voice of R&D Member

From R&D Leader

Timothy Ravasi OIST, Professor

Our team measures “environmental health” on land and at sea, contributing to conserving and utilizing ecological resources. Our Environmental DNA (eDNA) technology allows us to understand the corals and fish communities that live there simply by analyzing the DNA present in seawater. So, in the ocean we can monitor changes in the ocean environment. For example, the results can be used to develop policies and guidelines for developing nearby resort hotels. In addition, we will use the scientifically collected data in the terrestrial environment to create educational programs. The program helps understand how natural and human-induced factors affect the environment, and it will promote the conservation and utilization of environmental resources.

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