R&D Project #4

Development and data integration, analysis, and application of a bioconvergence co-creation system

Photo by Clarisse Croset/Unsplash

R&D Team

R&D Leader
Gil Granot-Mayer(OIST, Executive Vice President for Technology Development and Innovation)
Corundum Systems Biology, Inc. (Japan), Sony CSL (Japan), Araya Inc. (Japan)

R&D plan and goal

We develop the optimal industry-academia-government-finance collaboration system for bioconvergence research and development. We also create new methodologies for integrating data collected in this center, extracting and utilizing useful information, etc.

R&D Project #4 Activities report

Voice of R&D Member

From R&D Leader

Gil Granot-Mayer OIST, Executive Vice President for Techno logy Development and Innovation

This theme has two pillars. The first is to collaborate with companies participating in our COI-NEXT project and build a system to develop new products and services centered on technologies in the bioconvergence field. We call this the "co-creation lab." The other is the development of common tools for analyzing the variety of data obtained in the bioconvergence research and development. Software utilizing AI technology and dynamics systems approaches will help building simulation models from data for reliable prediction and planning actions.

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